Karian Peterson Power Line Contracting, LLC

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4437 Highway 212
Montevideo, MN 56265
United States
Karian Peterson Power Line Contracting, LLC

From our humble beginnings 10 years ago when we employed just 13 people to the more than 30 employees we have today, our mission has been a simple one. We strive to provide quality service and outstanding assistance to our clients in their line construction efforts.

We invite you to look around, browse some of the photographs we have published on our site, read our news releases, and ask us questions.

Karian / Peterson is dedicated to safety in all aspects of the job. We adhere to strict industry standards for both our employees and the equipment we use. Our commitment to proper training and certification has earned us a fantastic safety record and helps ensure efficiency throughout the project.

Our Services
  • Distribution & transmission of new construction
  • Rehab & upgrading of transmission & distribution
  • Substations with underground facilities
  • Underground municipal & rural
  • Storm restoration
  • Fabrication of line trucks & specialty equipment
  • 24 hour storm mobilization for selected customers
  • Crew leaders with 16-27 years experience in the power line industry
  • Safety training by MREA
  • No major accidents since our inception (2000)
Karian / Peterson Power Line Contracting LLC was formed in August of 2000 when a group of electric cooperatives in southwestern, northern, central & western Minnesota organized themselves to diversify in their business activities. One of the first purchases this group of cooperatives made was Karian Line Construction. Shortly thereafter, the group also purchased Peterson Power Line Contracting. Making use of the economies of scale provided by the electric cooperatives and the merger of the two line construction companies, Karian / Peterson Power Line Contracting was born.

With more than 50 years of combined experience Karian / Petersen specializes in transmission & distribution lines, substations and underground facilities. Our contractors have traveled extensively throughout the upper Midwest constructing new lines and substations for municipal utilities, electric cooperatives, and investor-owned utilities.

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction. This commitment is evidenced by our efforts to improve workplace safety, training, and quality. The electric industry is experiencing dramatic changes. Karian / Peterson continues to expand its facilities on land west of Montevideo and implements positive growth strategies to best serve our customers today and into the future.

Visit our website: www.karianpeterson.com/
Karian Peterson Power Line Contracting, LLC | 4437 Highway 212 Montevideo, MN 56265 United States | 320x-269x-6769
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