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25172 Commercial Drive
Grand Rapids, MN 55744
United States
Lake States Construction, Inc.
Lake States Construction, formerly Cable Construction Company of Ely, Minnesota, specializes in meeting the region's underground and overhead power line construction needs.

Our experience serving a variety of electric associations and cooperatives gives Lake States Construction the background and knowledge we need to be one of the region's leaders in power line construction. By working one-on-one with our customers, Lake States Construction offers customized construction services that optimize your power line construction plans.

Established on April 27, 1979, Lake States Construction was purchased by Lake Country Power, a Minnesota electric utility company in 1998, a move that further strengthens our ability to provide complete, reliable service to the utility industry.

In a profession where employee turnover is not uncommon, Lake States Construction has a loyal and experienced work force. Our highly trained employees have an excellent safety record.

Services Provided
  • Complete overhead power line construction
  • Complete underground power line construction
  • Telephone and fiber optic construction
Emergency Services
  • Assist electric utilities as the need arises from storm damage.
  • Power line construction and restoration.
  • Equipment
Just as we invest in employee training, Lake States Construction continually maintains and upgrades its fleet of reliable equipment, which in turn, improves our efficiency and benefits our customers.

Plow cat, Wide-pad cats, Rubber tire plows, Trenchers, Backhoes, Directional boring.

Digger trucks, Bucket trucks, Track vehicles, Off-road backhoes, Tension equipment, Rope-stringing trailers, Wire trailers, Pull trailers, ASVs

Please call Lake States Construction, Inc today for more information on our power line construction services!

Visit our website:
Lake States Construction, Inc. | 25172 Commercial Drive Grand Rapids, MN 55744 United States | 218x-327x-7202
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