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17685 Juniper Path, Suite 301
Lakeville, MN 55044
United States
NRG Reliability Solutions LLC

Your customers rely on you. You can rely on us.
Let our business power yours.

Open for business should be a guarantee, not a guess. With NRG Reliability Solutions, you won't have to turn anyone away. Forget about lost inventory and lost revenue. Just know you'll always have the power to do business.

We deliver the right-sized solution - right to your business. From retail stores and schools to industrial refineries and water plants, our power-generation capabilities are uniquely tailored to each individual customer's demands.

We deliver proven reliability with no upfront cost and a small monthly fee.

There's more:
  • Peace of mind knowing that your business is always on.
  • Plenty of cleaner energy options throughout the installation process
  • Money savings by avoiding power outages on-site.
  • Convenience of a single contact throughout the whole process, from design to install.
  • Assurance of onsite, online and on-time generation.
  • Flexibility of our team catering to your business' specific needs

Stay in power and let our team help.Call 612-564-1973 or email

Products & Services
Keep your business open for business.

Your customers count on you to be there for them. No matter what. Rest assured in knowing NRG Reliability Solutions will give the power to your business. No matter what.

A complete, affordable, reliable solution - no matter the size - can keep your business running when unexpected outages halt electric generation. Secure your property's production. Protect your company's employees. Serve your great customers.

Let NRG Reliability Solutions power your business.

Fixed Systems
Our fixed systems are installed onsite, and they're there for you rain or shine, all the time. You lose too much when power is down, and our permanent backup generators can keep energy and efficiency up. We own, operate and maintain each system - big or small - so you can do what you do best: Run your business.

Simply pay a modest monthly Premium Power fee as part of your Reliability Service Agreement in addition to your electricity bill, and feel the assurance of always staying in power.

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As a full-service project manager, our Reliability Solutions provide a complete offering of design, management, financing and installation services, including:
  • Project development
  • Cleaner energy options
  • Engineering and design
  • Contractor and vendor management
  • Extended warranties
  • Maintenance, operations and fuel contract arrangement
  • Customers simply pay a small monthly Premium Power fee in addition to their utility bill for us to own, operate and maintain a reliable backup energy source
Visit our website:
NRG Reliability Solutions LLC | 17685 Juniper Path, Suite 301 Lakeville, MN 55044 United States | 612x-564x-1973
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