Wood Quality Control, Inc.

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708 E. Main St.
Lexington, SC 29072
United States
Wood Quality Control, Inc.

The WQC program is designed to ensure its customers receive high-quality treated wood utility products that will provide decades of reliable service, enabling you to stretch your construction and maintenance budgets. In addition, our technical programs provide training that will enable your employees to make the most cost-effective purchasing decisions.

Documented Performance

Simply put the WQC program works. More than 100,000 inspection reports from the field reveal product conformance rates of more than 99 percent for WQC poles and crossarms shipped to utilities across the country.


Wood Quality Control, Inc. (WQC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) was created in response to a request from the Rural Electrification Administration (REA) after that agency began receiving a steadily increasing number of complaints from cooperative borrowers about the poor performance of their treated wood poles. Several years of discussion ensued between REA, NRECA and a number of cooperative managers, leading to the WQC program beginning operation in October 1982.

WQC provides a host of services, including new pole and cross-arm inspection, educational and technical seminars and specification review and rewrite.

New Pole and Cross-arm Inspection

Your treated wood poles and cross-arms won't last in-service unless they're properly treated. The WQC program is designed to ensure that the manufacturers of these products have functional internal quality control systems in place so that high-quality WQC products are available to all utilities.

The only RUS-approved quality assurance program available to the consumer, WQC incorporates four different disciplines to accomplish a two-fold purpose: assure finished product quality and verify that those you are paying to provide third-party inspection actually perform the service per specification requirements. WQC:

  • Qualifies and approves pole and cross-arm producers
  • Inspects poles and cross-arms in-plant
  • Conducts destination inspection of treated poles/cross-arms after delivery
  • Independently verifies the performance of the program's primary inspection agency

Educational and Technical Seminars

WQC was created thanks to the collaborative efforts of many utility leaders who were looking for a better way to make sure that their construction and maintenance dollars were being wisely spent for high-quality treated wood products.

In addition to this primary purpose, WQC's mission also included becoming a primary technical and educational resource to our customers. More knowledgeable consumers make better purchase decisions, resulting in more effective use of system construction and maintenance dollars. As a "go-to" resource for a wide variety of technical information related to the purchase and use of treated utility products, WQC is committed to providing you with the information you need to make sound purchasing decisions regarding your pole and cross-arm purchases.

We can expand your employees' knowledge of the treated wood products they handle and install everyday by providing informational seminars on such topics as pole and cross-arm production, species, preservatives, specifications, and inspection, just to name a few. These programs can be customized to meet an individual system's needs or if need be, offered to a broader audience through statewide organizations.

Specification Review/Rewrite

Your pole and cross-arm specifications should be kept current and accurately describe the finished product that you expect to receive from suppliers. Our highly-trained, experienced staff of wood professionals will be happy to review your current specifications to ensure that they are up-to-date, or sit down and work with you on developing your own specifications should that be your desire.

Visit our website: www.nreca.coop/what-we-do/wood-quality-control/
Wood Quality Control, Inc. | 708 E. Main St. Lexington, SC 29072 United States | 803x-359x-2218
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