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23626 145th Avenue
Welch, MN 55089
United States
American Training and Inspection

Providing Thermal and Ultrasonic Inspections and Analysis American Training and Inspection (ATI) is a multi-faceted company that offers thermal imaging and ultrasonic inspections to provide preventive and predictive maintenance for industrial and commercial sites.

Through heat, motion or vibration analysis we can detect the problems in their early stages when repairs are less expensive and easier to schedule and perform.

Nationally 38% of production is lost due to down time. With a predictive and preventative maintenance program in place, this can be greatly reduced.

ATI can aid in setting up a program that works for your commercial or industrial application.


Electrical Inspections
Detection of overloads, deterioration and poor connections in panels, motors, disconnects, services, transformers, capacitors...(read on)
Mechanical Inspections
Detection of pressure leaks in gas, compressed air, refrigerant, steam systems, etc. Detection of unwanted vibrations in motors, bearings and shafts. Detection of liquid levels... (read on)
Commercial & Industrial
Insulation Integrity, Cold Storage Facility, Mold Detection, Electrical Transmission and Distribution ... (read on)
Harmonic Mitigation
Neutralizer TransMax and TransMax-Plus, Totally Integrated Power Quality, Blockade, TP1-Energy Star Compliant Transformer, TVSS and high-frequency noise filtering ... (read on)
Vibration Analysis
A Brief Summary of Vibration Analysis, When viewing a spectrum, there are several important characteristics, For condition monitoring, there are two general categories of faults revealed in a vibration analysis spectrum, The specific fault frequencies are defined... (read on)

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American Training and Inspection | 23626 145th Avenue  Welch, MN 55089 United States | 651x-385x-0051
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