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8929 Cambridge Ct. Suite 202
Minneapolis, MN 55443
United States
HRExpertiseBP is a successful and highly respected consulting firm specializing in Organizational Effectiveness, Human Resources and Business Process Improvement.In today's economy, expertise is no longer enough. We focus on successful execution and serve clients throughout North America.

 began in 1999 as the passion of our founder and President, Debra Englund.  Debra believed that HR and business process expertise should be integrated to help our clients lead effective and profitable organizations.

We identify and focus on areas needing improvement that provide the most significant impact.  We provide expertise, processes and HR tools to support those improvements...including executive and Board performance measurement and compensation studies.

We are senior level business professionals who work with organizations across a variety of industries. We offer proven experience, flexibility and solid performance track records.

Whether you are looking for a partner in organizational effectiveness and change management, a process improvement expert who can implement successfully or want help with Human Resource concerns and tools we can help.

Give us a call...what can we do for you?

Expertise On Demand
Successful Execution

Organizational Effectiveness
Measurement Process Improvement
Strategic Planning
Organizational structure, job design, Leadership development, coaching, Employee Engagement and Corporate Communication plans...
Performance Feedback and Corporate Scorecard tools and training, Business Process Mapping and improvement...
Work with Boards and Leadership teams to set Strategic Direction/Goals and create action plans to achieve them...

Total Rewards
Human Resource Consulting
Policy/Procedure Manuals
Executive Pay studies; Custom Compensation surveys; Benefit Plan design; cross industry Incentive, Sales and Base Compensation Plan design...
Employee Surveys, Onboarding, HR /Payroll System Implementations Mergers & Acquisitions, Audits: I-9 & HR, Employment Law, EEO reporting...
Company Policy and Procedures: Human Resources, Safety programs,General Business and travel, Confidentiality Agreements...

Client Testimonials

"Debra is truly an expert in her field...she assesses the situation of the business; knows what has to be accomplished, how to do it and most importantly, how to work with the people of the organization to ensure the expected outcome is accomplished. Debra has worked with our organization in the areas of performance review systems, position description updates, wage/salary and benefit plans/market analysis, corporate measurement, employee engagement and other HR issues. I highly recommend her services. Her expertise and work ethic is second to none." 
Dave George, CEO at Kandiyohi Power Cooperative.

"I worked with Debra while at Personnel Decisions International, a global human resource consulting firm. She was hired to implement operational improvements for several areas of the company. Debra worked with my area to centralize our global translation process. She helped to very clearly articulate the issues for my area and helped my team formulate a clear resolution in a matter of weeks when I thought it would take months. She collected information from all points of view to generate a clear idea of the underlying problem(s). Most of the time she made gentle suggestions during meetings to redirect the team for the greatest progress. Debra was able to be direct in a non-threatening manner to effect needed change and then manages the change process very effectively. The resolutions we formed have been very successfully implemented. I enjoyed working with Debra and fully recommend her." 
Jim Schleck, a Director at Personnel Decisions International (now PDI Ninth Houseā€¦a Korn/Ferry company)

"Debra did a great job on a high-stakes compensation project. She skillfully met the needs of our Board, while working collaboratively with HR. She's a very good team player, analytical, and personable! She also demonstrated a solid breadth of compensation expertise." 
Peter Miller, VP HR at Connexus Energy

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HRExpertiseBP | 8929 Cambridge Ct. Suite 202 Minneapolis, MN 55443 United States | 612x-414x-6833
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