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700 11th St.
Ste. 200
Marion, IA 52302
United States
Martin Gardner Architecture

We are building project experts.
Building projects can be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive.
Our services are designed to help you through the process by minimizing your time input, explaining your options, dealing with the day to day detail, working with the contractors and code officials, and creating the function, look, and structure of your building.  The value of our service to you is in the time you save to do what you do best, operate your business, and the added value we bring to your project through the improved design, the decreased cost of construction and operation, increased quality, and reduced problems.

Need to know where to begin?  Whether this is your first building project or your fiftieth , we guide you through the visioning, planning, and building stages of your project to ensure you reach a solution that exceeds your expectations and meets your budget. We have 30 years of experience helping individuals, teams, and committees to define their vision, plan their strategy, pick their new ground to build on or existing building to renovate, and bring their building project to completion.

Do you think you need a new building?
What about reusing an existing building?  We can help you in either case.

Call us first, right at the first moment you think you might want to build.  Our training and methods of analyzing and design can confirm your needs and your options very early in your planning process.  We can get you started on the right path, looking for the right ground or existing building, and with the right budget. Why waste your time and money when we can help you get your project right the first time.  But regardless of where you are at in the process, we can provide guidance, knowledge, and experience at whichever phase you need us.


For over 30 years, we’ve helped clients create buildings and spaces that have become important landmarks in communities throughout eastern Iowa. Our mission is to design sustainable solutions that meet our clients’ budgets, add value to their communities and surroundings, and exceed our clients’ expectations. We’ll be your guide, consultant, and advocate throughout the visioning, planning and building process of your project.

We hope you’ll involve us early on in your planning process so we can help you identify the best solutions to meet your needs and goals. We can help you determine how big your building and site should be before you look at existing buildings or even consider buying land. We can help you explore whether building new or adapting an existing building is the best option for you. Plus, we understand zoning and building codes so you can stay in compliance right from the beginning and save time, money and avoid frustration down the road.

Architectural Services
We custom design our services to meet the needs and goals of your project—but also to save you money in our fees. We know building projects are huge investments for any organization, so we keep your budget in mind on every decision we make. That doesn’t limit our creativity. Instead, it motivates us to work harder to find the best solution for your needs. Our services typically include:
  • Visioning Phase
  • Planning Phase
  • Building Phase
Our Services Also Include:
  • Master Planning
  • Consulting Services
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Historic Preservation 
  • Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms

With offices in Marion and Strawberry Point, we can handle a wide variety of architectural projects.  We are large enough to manage any project but small enough to care about every project, whether large or small. You’ll find us to be Mid-westerners through and through. We’re friendly, easy to work with, and very passionate about what we do—we will tell you the cold, hard truth when it’s necessary. We build lasting relationships with clients who seek well-designed, good quality buildings.  They know they can trust us to meet their needs, surpass their goals, and stay within their budgets. 
Visit our website:
Martin Gardner Architecture | 700 11th St.  Ste. 200  Marion, IA 52302 United States | 319x-377x-7604
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